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Just read an inspirational story in our local paper about a young man in high school with a very bright future thanks to his focus on three letters, M.I.H. This kid has a passion for excellence in everything he does, particularly his sport of choice, wrestling. Last year he had what most considered an amazing wrestling season and ended up hoisting the second place trophy at the state championships. While friends and family cheered, he planned.

The day after the state finals, he was back in the same old gym working out in the same old sweats with one small change. He had placed white tape on each of his three middle fingers, and on each piece of tape was a letter. M.I.H. His friends, family, and teammates all repeatedly asked about the letters, but he refused divulge their meaning.

He kept the letters on his fingers all year, and he trained harder than ever, until he again found himself at the state tournament. This time the outcome was slightly different and not a surprise to anyone who had witnessed his daily determination in the gym; he was crowned state champion.

Finally, he was able to share with everyone that while they cheered his second place finish the year before, he vowed to himself to get better Ė to be the best. Displaying vision beyond his years, he developed his clear goal, designed a plan to achieve it, and created a tool to provide focus. He knew that if he really wanted to be the best, it was up to him. He was determined to Make It Happen.

M. I.H.

Challenge yourself.

Focus on your future.

Make It Happen

Brad & Deb

Bradley and Debra Warren, award winning business builders and coaches, have reached the highest levels of leadership in their network marketing company. Their mission is to empower you with the courage, capacity, and resources to design your greatest life through world class thinking and performance. You can learn more about Deb and Brad at www.LeadingForwardBlog.com 



PROCRASTINATION is a big word for avoiding the tasks we know we have to do but donít want to. There are many reasons we procrastinate; often itís due to the unpleasantness of the task, uncertainty on how to go about it, or the task may seem so big we donít know where to begin. At other times it is because we do not fully appreciate how the results of the task will provide pleasure for us or how not doing the task will result in pain. It is up to us to DECIDE to CHOOSE to do the task.

Listed below are 10 techniques to overcome PROCRASTINATION.

1. Worst-First Approach - Find the most difficult task and get it out of the way immediately; youíll save yourself time worrying about it and be more productive in other areas.

2. Salami Technique - List all the steps you have to take to complete the task. Concentrate on taking the first step, then the next, one step at a time until you complete the entire task.

3. Peak Performance Time - Schedule the task or activity youíve been putting off to a time when you are most alert, rested and energized.

4. Do it, Delegate it, Ditch it - You will procrastinate less often if you leave as few loose ends as possible from one day to the next.

5. Establish Priorities - If you consider all the different activities you are supposed to do every day there may seem like there is simply not enough time to do everything, and feeling overwhelmed results in procrastination. Make a list and concentrate your efforts on getting the most important tasks out of the way first.

6. Isolation - To start and finish tasks that require extended periods of concentration isolate yourself by booking a meeting room or closing your office door and make inroads into the project.

7. Visible Reminders - Display a sign around your desk that will remind you there is a job to be done; the use of visual reminders makes it harder for the ďout of sight, out of mindĒ principle to operate.

8. Monitoring - Ask someone you respect to check up on you and see how you have progressed with the task you have been avoiding; you will be more likely to complete the task than disappoint someone important to you.

9. 5 minute Plan - Take the task youíve been avoiding and work on it for 5 minutes each day until it is complete. Youíll often find once you get started 5 mins becomes 20 mins and the task is complete!

10. Face the Music - Procrastination can be a viscous circle when you canít admit to yourself or others that youíve been delaying something that you said you would do. Face the music; admit youíve been procrastinating and youíll often find the criticism and pain is less than you predicted and you feel unburdened and able to get the task done.

Cited from the Australian Institute of Management, 2007


Let's look at the word DECIDE. Do you know what the suffix CIDE stands for? I'll give you a hint....think of all the other words you know that end in CIDE.

Here's a list to help you:

Suicide, homocide, pesticide, insecticide, infanticide, regicide....and so on.

Are you noticing a pattern? CIDE means to kill off. When you make a DECISION you are killing off all other options. It then makes your job simple.

We often procrastinate becasue we tell ourselves that we cannot DECIDE what to do. We ask our family and friends and fluff around making no commitment one way or the other. Yet I am sure you have examples from your own life that once you DECIDED you did everything in your power to Make It Happen. Examples could include to:Buy a house, get married, start a family, go overseas, buy a car, join the fire brigade, start a business, save some money.....Whatever it was, you DECIDED and then put steps into action to Make It Happen?

As we approach the half way mark for 2008, what is it you want to DECIDE to create in your life?

And how are you going to Make It Happen?

I look forward to hearing about each of your DECISIONS and your plans to Make It Happen!

Keep shining!

Christine Anderson